Our Objectives

The GFWF aims to help Business, Academia and Goverments around the globe to prepare the workforce of the future for a sustainable world by detecting and predicting trends and paradigms for successful transformation.

The GFWF is first and foremost a THINK-THANK. It assembles visionary global minds to create a better world with the focus on work. The GFWF aims to become THE reference; it defines THE Standards and  Governance for research and development in this area; it offers  THE Global Forum to explore, discuss, share, predict and create transformations in the Future of Work.

Work in the future will never be the same. The vast majority of workplace stakeholders are ill prepared or not prepared for this new workplace at all. The three principal forces that drives the transformation are: rapid advancement in digitalization technologies, increased globalization and the quest to constanly create new concepts, paradigms, products and services



Develop conncepts, methodologies and tools to educate and better prepare private and public institutions, as well as high potential talents, to the realities of the future.


Creates and expands a trusted network of executives, top politicians and academics with unique values of sharing the vision of the future of work..


GFWF creates awareness in media, governments and business about trends and future transformations and shares ideas on how to prepare for it.

·  Provides privileged access to research output and the developed tools and instruments oriented to the future

·  Enables you to be part of a global network of selected corporate leaders who are passionate about the future of work

· Provides the possibility to start own company specific future oriented projects.

· Offers participation in the bi-annual Globla Future of Work Summit and other events

Meet our Team & Founders

Meet the group of leading academics, C-Level Executives
and Senior consultants founders of The GFWF

  • Simon Dolan

    President GFWF
  • Jaume Gurt

    Ceo GFWF
  • Ramon Valle Cabrera

    Co Founder and Member
  • Mario Raich

    Co Founder and Member
  • Gustavo Piera

    Coordinator of institutional Relations and Future Shappers
  • Maria Jose Adamuz Peña

    Legal councilor and Secretary

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